Our Chairman

†His divine ideal and concept "Knowledge is Power" inspired some of the Socio-Techno-Economic conscious eminent professionals to promote BIET, in tribal rich area of South Orissa. As a principal Founder Promoter his hard efforts and noble ideas promoted a Degree Engg. College, Diploma Engineering School, ITC, Women Child education Complex, Computer education for women and many more.

†††All this I hope will lead to achievement of our primary goal of shaping the future of our students through Knowledge. Because a commitment you make to yourself and your future, it is a choice you make when you come to the realization that knowledge is power & the power of the future lies with those who are prepared to handle the challenges. I assure you that our faculty & staff will be there to make certain that you gain the education you need in order to succeed, not only at BIET but in your chosen place of professional career.