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1. Electrical Machines Lab

  To provide the students a chance to put theory into practice.

  To learn testing methods of single phase transformers.

  To learn about different losses of AC machines.

  To learn about different tests on AC machines.

  To understand the operation and basic configuration of AC machines, including the synchronous motor and generator, and the induction machine.

2. Control Systems Lab

  To learn the principles and applications of control systems.

  To learn characteristics of open loop & closed loop systems characteristics.

  To learn modeling & analysis of different types of systems.

  To design different types of controllers (P, PI, PD, & PID) for different types of systems.

3. Power Electronics Lab

  To understand and acquire knowledge about various power semiconductor devices.

  To prepare the students to analyze and design different power converter circuits.

4. Electrical Measurements Lab

  To learn testing methods of energy meter and current transformer.

  To learn measurement of low and medium resistance.

  To learn the use of ac bridges for inductance and capacitance measurement.

  To learn the measurement of power and power factor.

  To understand the basics of active and reactive power.

  To understand the basics of current transformer and to measure the errors.

5. Electrical Circuits Lab

  To learn the principles and applications various network theorems along with its simulation.

  To learn the significance of two port network parameters.

  To analyze the behavior and frequency response of various linear circuits.

6. Simulation Lab

  To learn the steps used for verification of circuit theorems.

  To conduct experiment to measure active and reactive power in a three - phase system

  To conduct experiment to calculate network parameters

  To conduct experiment using MATLAB & PSPICE for analysing electrical circuits.

  To learn the measurement of inductance of a mutually coupled coil.